RIA Ownership

Stop Building Someone Else's RIA and
Start Building Equity in an RIA You Own!

If you are 65 licensed and with a Broker Dealer….if you are 65 licensed and do NOT own your own RIA…you are an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative) of someone else’s RIA!

When and if the RIA you work under is sold some day for tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars…your payout from the sale is ZERO!

AdvisorShare WM was created to give credit where credit is due and to financially reward IARs when and if the RIA is ever sold.

Our ownership model is simple–we carved out 50% of the ownership of the RIA to be owned by producing IARs.*

So, whether you have $3 million, $7 million, $15-million or more in AUM, if that AUM is on the books at the time when the RIA sells (in part or in whole), IARs with that AUM will get paid.

Why an “Advisor Share” Model for the RIA?

Two of the Founders of AS WM (Roccy DeFrancesco and Daniel McDonald) initially founded an IMO (Insurance Marketing Organization) with a similar business model. That IMO is simply called AdvisorShare (click here to learn more). For decades insurance agents have put business in with IMOs only to help them grow to and eventually sell for millions of dollars. This made little sense to Roccy and Daniel, so they created an IMO where producing advisors can become owners and get paid off if the IMO ever sells. This model was very well received by advisors and it made too much sense not to re-create “Advisor Share” in the RIA space.

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*This ownership model will not be available until such time as the RIA reaches $100 million in assets brought on board by producing advisors.


Prepare wills and trusts
Evaluate insurance needs
Review cash flow budget


Emergency fund
Liquid investments
Start building portfolio


Wealth accumulation
Pay college expenses
Start a business


Sell a business
Leave an estate

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