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Helping Build “Your” RIA

The idea of IARs recruiting other advisors to the RIA they work under is NOT commonplace.

Why? Because there is no good reason an IAR should spend time and go out of his/her way to recruit other IARs.

A “good” reason to recruit

IARs who work with AS WM have a very good reason to recruit multiple other IARs to/come on board with AS WM. That reason is to increase the RIA’s revenue.

Unlike a typical RIA ownership model where IARs get paid NOTHING if AS WM sells someday, advisors who have AUM with our RIA when a liquidity event (partial or full) takes place will get paid (because IARs become owners). And the more AUM the RIA has, the bigger the liquidity event!

EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization)

Most IARs don’t spend much time thinking about EBITDA. Why? Because a $1M, $3M, $5M, $10M, $20M, even a $25 million dollar book of AUM isn’t that saleable (well, it’s saleable but not at a high valuation multiple).

When you have hundreds of IARs who amass collectively $300M, $500M, $750M, $1B, $2B, $3B, $4 billion, that’s an amount of AUM that’s very saleable a premium price.

What’s a premium price6-8-10 times EBITDA earnings!

RIA Sale is Separate from the IAR’s book of AUM

The RIA itself will generate substantial revenue ABOVE and BEYOND fees advisors charge. In other words, the RIA itself could partially or fully sell separate from an IAR selling his/her individual book of AUM (back to the RIA or to a 3rd party).

For an IAR to partake in profits from the sale of the RIA itself is simply a windfall of revenue that is only available but for the “Advisor Share” model.

Help us–Help you!

We welcome all high quality advisors who want to help us build something special and unique in an industry that is mostly about “me‘ and not often enough about “us.”

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