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1) Transparency—most IARs are not fully informed or informed at all about how the RIA they work with is managed at a company level, how portfolios are designed, how managers manage money, how and why fees are determined, and where those fees go. Advisors who work with AS WM will know the answers to these questions and more.

2) An AUM platform that has true value advisors can bring to their clients. AS WM is NOT a buy/hold RIA. AS WM uses tactical and active 3rd party managers in multi-manager portfolios to hedge risk while reaching for more than acceptable risk-adjusted rates of return. In short, advisors who use the AS WM platform will have a value-based proposition and story to tell that will resonate with clients.

3) Case design support—most RIAs only do lip service when they say they offer case design support. At AS WM we consider this our 2nd most important role (2nd to making sure we use the best 3rd party managers we can find).  Because we believe in the proper use of FIAs and IULs as asset classes, when we help advisors with case design support, we include these asset classes in the process.

Our case design team is 2nd to none due to the fact we can pull in our advisory board members if necessary to give input.

4) Comprehensive planning—as fiduciaries, we think most IARs and RIAs do their clients a disservice when it comes to giving advice. Most advisors simply want to pick up AUM or sell fixed products. We don’t believe that is good planning. Good planning helps clients get their entire financial world in order. That includes helping with asset protection, estate planning, life insurance, tax planning, corporate structuring and buy/sell planning for business clients, LTC planning, retirement income planning, and more.

Most RIAs are NOT capable of helping advisors give advice on such a wide variety of topics. AS WM is uniquely postured to help advisors give clients the comprehensive planning they deserve.

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