Client Communication

Why do advisors lose clients to their competition?

The #1 reason clients fire their financial planner and move money to a competitor is LACK OF COMMUNICATION not bad investment performance.

If you are not actively communicating with your clients about what’s going on in the stock market and in their portfolios, you are making a HUGE mistake.

Client communication tools

AS WM fully understands this and has tools to help eliminate this issue.

1) Automated email drip system

This system allows advisors to drip on clients with high quality educational newsletters on a whole host of topics (investments, insurance, estate planning, LTC, asset protection, etc.).

This system will also allow advisors to send out weekly, monthly, and quarterly pieces create by the 3rd party managers AS WM uses in our multi-manager portfolios. These are great touch pieces for consumers to understand the thoughts of the managers on the current state of the market and their investment strategies.

2) Video content

Investment principal Joe Maas routinely does consumer education videos. These videos are awesome and will give confidence to clients that the CIO overseeing portfolio construction for AS WM is on his game. Joe is very relatable to viewers and had a knack for breaking down complex issues for the average consumer to understand.

The following video is an example of Joe explaining the five tactical strategies (he calls sailboats).

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