Case Design Support

Case design support means different things to different advisors.

For insurance agents, it’s a process to sell a product.

For many 65 licensed advisors it’s a process to pick up AUM.

We at Advisor Share Wealth Management view case design in a broad and holistic manner. We prefer to help advisors provide truly comprehensive advice to help them reach their wealth accumulation and retirement planning/income goals.

What’s AS WM process?

It’s very simple, advisors provide us information they can gather on clients along with a summary of what the client is trying to accomplish (reduce taxes, grow an equity portfolio, reduce investment risk, fix their estate plan, etc., etc., etc.).

Our team will take that information and will put in memo form what we think are the options for clients and we’ll make a  recommendation as to what we think is best to accomplish their goals.

Then a give and take will occur with AS WM and the advisor typically with further input for the client.

Finally, a formal plan is put together for the advisor to deliver to clients.

What’s the outcome of this type of approach?

A very high success rate of clients coming on board not just to buy a product or move AUM but to come on board as lifelong clients for all financial issues they will need advice on for years to come.

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