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How to Build a Book of AUM (Assets Under Management) Without a Securities License*

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How to Build a Book of AUM (Assets Under Management) Without a Securities License

This page is for advisors who are NOT securities licensed (especially those NOT Series 65 licensed).

What are the problems for non-securities licensed advisors?

1) You CAN’T build a book of AUM because you don’t have a license.

2) You CAN’T talk with clients about securities (like about their current portfolio(s)).

3) You CAN’T make recommendations for what a client should do with their current portfolio.

Bi-Product of NOT being licensed

1) You CAN’T pick up AUM and earn revenue from it.

2) You weaken your ability to make FIA sales because you can’t show clients how bad their current portfolio(s) are and how using FIAs can increase risk-adjusted returns.

3) You allow competing advisors to continue to work with clients.

What is Advisor Launchpad and How Can it Help?

Advisor Launchpad is a platform that allows non-licensed advisors to build a book of AUM BEFORE getting licensed.

How would that work? All advisors need to do is work with AS WM on your clients who have AUM.

What will we do?

-We will analyze the client’s current portfolio (in OnPointe Risk Analyzer)

-We will get on the phone to talk with clients and explain why their current portfolio isn’t very good.

-We will MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS on how to generate better risk-adjusted returns than their current portfolio which can include the proper use of FIAs.

-We will take their AUM from their current advisor and treat it as a “house account.”

Why is this good for non-securities licensed advisors?

-A 3rd party expert tells clients if and why their current portfolio(s) are not very good.

-We support the advisor’s recommendation to use FIAs (assuming it’s suitable).

-When the house accounts are large enough (up to the advisor as to when that is), the advisor can obtain a 65 license, come on board with our RIA as an IAR, and we will turn the book of AUM over to the advisor.

Even though our RIA did the heavy lifting to onboard the AUM, with the client’s approval, we will turn that book of AUM over to the advisor and bam, an instant book of AUM!

What if you don’t want to service clients and deal with managing a book of AUM?

No problem! We will continue to treat the accounts as house accounts and we will share the ongoing fee revenue (this assumes the advisor comes on board with our RIA as an IAR).

Are you ready to improve your offering so you can onboard more clients, give more comprehensive advice, sell more FIAs, and build a book of AUM you can take over?

If so, click here to learn more and request a time to talk with us about how you can come on board to use our Advisor Launchpad.

*AS WM CANNOT pay non-licensed advisors for AUM gathered from non-securities licensed advisor referrals. To make money from such AUM, advisors need to obtain a Series 65 license and come on board with AS WM as an IAR.

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