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What is AS Wealth Management?
A unique RIA where IARs become owners!

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What’s the story behind AS WM?

AS WM was born when Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP, decided IARs (or non-licensed insurance agents who wanted to become IARs) needed and deserved something better. After helping other RIAs grow to over $1 billion in AUM, it was time for Roccy to build an RIA in his image (one that helps advisors offer truly comprehensive planning and one that will embrace asset classes like FIAs, IULs, structure notes, and others). AS WM is that RIA.

AS WM would not be possible without a rock star to construct and oversee portfolio management. So, Roccy recruited Joe Maas (who is also an investment principal).

The AUM platform is based on the concept of using high quality 3rd party manages in multiple manager portfolios. The goal is to build and manage portfolios that provide superior risk adjusted returns over time.

Advisors need a story clients can understand, buy into, and believe in. That story, in our opinion, is NOT a buy/hold story or a classic “asset allocation” story. Advisors using “asset allocation” are peddling a platform with LOW value and one that will be difficult to compete with Robo platforms now and in the future. We want our advisors to aggressively compete against the industry norms with a platform they can be proud to represent and confident if they do, they will see their AUM grow substantially every year (with low attrition of current clients).

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IAR Ownership!

When an advisor is an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative) of an RIA, the IAR has NO OWNERSHIP in the RIA.

If the RIA is sold for $5M, $10M, $20M, $30 million dollars, its IARs make NOTHING!

We believe there is a better model that rewards IARs for helping build the RIA and that model includes ownership of the RIA.

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Business Continuity/Transition

Another issue when you are an IAR under an RIA is how do you transition your book of AUM when you are ready to retire or sell and take profits?

Also, most advisors are very concerned about their clients when they sell or transition out of the business. They want those clients treated well and they want consistent advice/recommendations given to them (as the advisor would give if he/she stayed in the business)

AS WM was built with the business transition of an IAR’s book of AUM in mind.

AS WM will buy the book* of a departing advisor and take the accounts in-house (so a seamless transition can occur).

For advisors who don’t want to outright sell and still want a stream of income from their AUM, AS WM will take over the management of those accounts and pay a trail fee to advisors (as allowed by law in each state).

More than just a money management firm!

While we think we have a unique and powerful AUM management offering, at AS WM we want to help advisors do more.

We have assembled a unique team of experts to help advisors offer truly comprehensive planning.

Money management; Estate planning; Asset protection; Tax reduction strategies;
Corporate structure/buy/sell planning; Life insurance; Annuities, and more…

We want to empower advisors to go after and onboard more affluent clients and with our proven system, that is not only possible, but it’s expected.

*AS WM will buy books of business from its IARs at a commercially reasonable price agreed to by the parties.

Changing the Way You Look at Money

Understanding our clients is part of our DNA. We want our clients to be well rested with no sleepless nights.
  • Commit to Delivery Excellence
  • Embrace Integrity and Openes
  • Practice Responsible Stewardship
  • Invest in an Exceptional Culture
  • Strive to Innovate

Active Money Management

Our 3rd party managers “actively manage” money.

The AS WM Intelligent Allocation Strategies are ideal for investors seeking to be both tactical and defensive in their allocation to multi-asset class investing.

The goal is to provide investors with adaptive allocations to various asset classes suitable for all market conditions, resulting in reasonable risk-adjusted total returns.

AS WM Portfolios

Multi-Manager Conservative Models
Multi-Manager Moderate Models
Multi-Manager Growth Models
All-Weather Aggressive Tactical multi-manager model

Risk Assessment Process

We have a 4-prong process to make sure our recommendations are “in balance” with our client’s needs.

1) We assess the consumer’s personal appetite for investment risk.
2) We assess the consumer’s financial ability to take risks.
3) We assess the risk of the consumer’s current portfolio.
4) We choose one of our model portfolios that is most closely aligned with the consumer’s personal appetite and ability to take risks.

If you would like to find your personal risk score (appetite for risk in the stock market), please contact us (it will take less than five minutes to complete).

If you would like to score your top 5 to 10 holdings of your current portfolio to determine how risky they are, please contact us.

If you would like your current/entire portfolio scored, email support@advisorsharewm.com.

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