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Thanks you for your interest in learning more about helping business owner clients with their 402(a) fiduciary duty liability issue. It’s a duty that nearly every business owner is violating and most don’t even know they have the liability or how to reduce or mitigate the liability.

The topic has proved how powerful it is when only 10 advisors marketing it for only a few months already have $162 million dollars in pension plans under review.

To download the list of businesses and the amount of AUM in each plan being reviewed (without the name of the businesses), click on the following link:


If you haven’t signed up to watch the webinar on this pension sales platform, click on the following link (it’s a terrific webinar):


The firm that has this offering does a great job of keeping advisors in the loop as things progress from review to onboarding.

Finally, while you are here on our Advisor Share Wealth Management website, you might want to surf around to learn more about it. It’s an RIA built to be owned by IARs (stop building someone else’s RIA and start building equity in an RIA you own).

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